Monday, February 11, 2008


Williams’ bill looks at rehabilitation

for felony minors

DENVER Today the Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill sponsored by Sen. Suzanne Williams (D-Aurora) to provide a path of rehabilitation for youthful offenders convicted of murder.

Senate Bill 08-66 reduces the penalty from first degree murder to a class-2 felony for people younger than 18 years old. With this bill, minors who are charged with felonies and did not commit or assist in committing the act who pled down could now qualify for the Youthful Offender System.

“Studies show us that rehabilitating juvenile offenders not only will decrease their likelihood for reoffending, but also help us keep numbers in our prisons down,” Williams said. “The bottom line is an issue of fairness.”

The bill moves to the Appropriations Committee next for consideration.