Friday, February 22, 2008


Bill Provides Early Intervention Services
for Children Who Need Additional Support

DENVER—Today the Senate gave final approval to Senate Bill 89, which would provide early intervention services to children who are not yet identified with a disability but need additional academic and behavioral support.

Sponsored by Senator Suzanne Williams (D-Aurora), the bill would authorize a school district to offer early intervention services for children in kindergarten through 12th grade. While services are available for all grade levels, the legislation is aimed at children in 3rd grade or younger.

“The bill would enable children to succeed in a general education environment and utilize fewer special education services later in life,” Williams said. “Studies show that early intervention provides economic benefits to society, resulting from the child’s increased educational gains and eventually maximizes the child’s eventual contribution to society.”

The bill provides opportunities for learning and development and lays a foundation for success in the children’s later learning and working years.

The bill next moves to the House for consideration.