Friday, April 18, 2008


Senators “Disgusted” by
Intolerant Comments from Far Right

DENVER—Today the full Senate gave initial approval to SB08-200, but not without considerable and at times heated debate.

Sponsored by Senator Jennifer Veiga (D-Denver), the bill would add sexual orientation to Colorado’s non-discrimination statutes for 23 areas, including housing, employment, education, public accommodations and health care.

Senate President Peter Groff (D-Denver) objected to a joke amendment offered by Republican Senator Greg Brophy, which attempted to include a person’s height in non-discrimination statues.

“Making light of the fear and disadvantage suffered by gay Coloradans is disgusting,” said Groff. “Discrimination is the birth defect of our country – discrimination is not a joke.”

Some Republican senators also argued that there is a lack of statistical evidence that proves the existence of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

“I can understand that some people may choose to ignore discrimination in their day to day lives,” said Veiga. “But I can tell you that discrimination still exists and is very real for so many Coloradans.”

SB08-200 was passed on a voice vote and will next be considered by the full Senate on third and final reading.